Play in full screen with headphones on  o/

Gameplay, Level design:   Bárbara Vicencio & Thomas El-Serghani
Art:   Simon Bodeus
Code:   Elodie Van de Goor

Song:   Armin van Buuren - Intense


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Looks lovely and runs smooth on a laptop, but after a short time the contols anoyed me to hell.

This is a flying game so like many people I expect pushing forward/up to tilt the nose down.

Steering with the mouse or controler would have been better option I think, but no options for changing the controls :(

If this gets an update I'll try again and give it a rating.

Thanks for the feedback Dr-Flay
We setup the controles arrow up = go up to be coherent with the 2nd part of the game (the runner/rythme part that arrive at 40 seconds). However in the end we didn't keep the possibility to go up and down in the runner so we can change the start control to the classic flying game control. We will keep you up if we change the controles :)


I see your logic there.
Most console users will be more at home, but I have too many years of PC gaming and my muscle memory is a pig to fight with.
I would suggest you keep it like it is as default but start with a popup asking for preference or allocate an in-game key to swap.

I didn't mean to seem so negative but this looks like something I will enjoy. I will give it another chance to shine later.