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collision mismatch has made at least three yellows unreachable (sphere gets stuck on upper edge of ramp.)

the ball cannot physicaly climp a 90% slope, we are supposed to jump to reach these yellow power sphere

first thing I tried, doesn't gain enough height.

WebGL: camera rotation seems to be based on absolute mouse-position, instead of relative position, making it nigh impossible to properly rotate the camera.

thanks, rotation is now handled by the right and left arrows and not the mouse, so  this is not a problem anymore :)

needs WASD(QWERTY) support in addition to ZQSD(AZERTY) support

You are completely right, you can change the control at the launch of the pc game but you cannot do that in the webgl version, I will try to add it as soon as I can :)

this is now corrected: we move with the arrow key so it work with both QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards